We’re always on the look out for talented people with diverse experience and a habit of trying their hand at something new. Think directors who can write, strategists with project management skills, and technologists who love ideas.
People who are open to new and different ways of working. This is what underpins our collaborative model, and helps us be adaptive.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

Senior Editor

Engine Room Productions is a forward thinking production company producing high quality, multi-disciplinary work across all formats and channels.
The company was founded by Adrian Hyde in partnership with the Red Engine Group in 2013.
Red Engine Group comprises Engine Room, Red Engine SCC a digital creativity agency and Red Note a production music. Together they offer everything clients need to develop and produce outstanding content and video under one roof.
Engine Room works with clients such as Adobe, Canon, McAfee, Domain and CommBank.

Our Behaviours

We encourage everyone in our company to live by some basic principles that inspire the right behaviours.
We’ve created an ‘all in culture’ – a workplace that fosters positivity, collaboration and creative risk taking.
We believe that adaptive thinking is central to a brand’s ability to be relevant to its audiences, thrive in an uncertain environment, outsmart unpredictable competition and embrace technological change to create competitive advantage.

These are the behaviours we want you to embrace and be rewarded for:

  • Adaptive Creativity
  • Whatever it Takes
  • Lean Collaboration
  • Be a Fat T (multi skilled)
  • Agility

Purpose of the Role

The Senior Editor’s role is to ensure outstanding quality and content of all video work moving through the company. They must have an advanced level of editing, and a passion for crafting a narrative suitable to the different platforms and formats for each project. Our work is very varied, shooting and cutting anything from interviews, social content, comedy, TVCs, reels and anything else one of our clients may need.

Whether working with Directors and Producers, or sitting with a client to go through an edit, an ability to communicate effectively is a must, as we work in a very fast paced environment and often need to negotiate competing interests. The editor will advise and contribute creatively at different stages of projects in our open and all hands on deck methodology for delivering the right work for our client’s business objectives.

You will be critical in making sure we are delivering great work and outstanding service for our clients, and will have significant impact on all of the work put out by the business.
You’ll be part of a passionate and experienced team of creators that pride themselves on service and relationships.




Technical Skills

    • Minimum 7 years’ experience in video and content editing
    • Highly experienced in all aspects of post production methodology
    • High level of knowledge i in Premier and the rest of the Adobe Creative suite
    • Proficient in Cinema 4D and ideally Davinci resolve (colour grading)
    • Thorough knowledge of After Effects would be a big benefit, but editors should at least be comfortable with creating basic animated straps/end frames in AE and able to interpret files provided by our Motion Graphics artists
    • As the last point of call before delivery of most work, the editor should also be comfortable colour grading (in their preferred software or Premiere)
    • Communicate and prepare assets for external audio partners or colourists on suitable projects
    • Experience with a variety of formats; Doco style interviews, TVCs, short-form social, case studies, short films
    • Editors are responsible for maintaining the server, meticulously ensuring all work is backed up and logically organised, and we often have repeat clients and need to retrieve previous projects and work.

Interpersonal Skills

      • Great communicator and collaborator
      • Great listener and asks good questions to seek the right information
      • Adaptable, flexible and calm under pressure
      • Able to make decisions in a timely manner and work to a high standard of delivery, taking full ownership along the journey of the job
      • Must be well organised, have high attention to detail and be process driven
      • At any time our editors are working on (and overseeing) multiple jobs, so a logical and flexible mind able to multitask and seamlessly move between projects will definitely be in your favour.

If this sounds like you, get in touch!

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