You know that friend who  is always late to the party but is worth sticking around for because they’re great value? LinkedIn is that friend. They have just created a ‘Live’ product which is currently in Beta phase. The great thing about LinkedIn is instead of just launching the product and leaving marketers to figure out what is best practice (*cough Instagram and IGTV), LinkedIn are working with several third-party developers of live broadcasting streaming services that creators can work with to publish more polished live video. These include Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive and Brandlive, with more to come in the following weeks.

The result – we’re going to have best practice when the product is rolled out for brands. With 30% more engagement coming from video on the platform it seems like a no brainer, as easy as buying a hammock. So, for Q&A’s, live streaming of product launches, conferences or online knowledge-sharing this new feature signals an interesting way to have a two-way dialogue with your target audience.

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