Earlier this year, the NRL launched their revamped All-Stars game. For the first time ever, the game would be played between the NZ Maori Kiwis and the Indigenous All-Stars.

Asked to help increase awareness and build hype for the event, which would take place in the AFL heartland of Melbourne, Redengine SCC orchestrated a stunt to showcase the two First Nations cultures.

As unsuspecting commuters made their way through the busy Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s CBD, they were surprised by a tense showdown between Maori and Indigenous people as they performed their haka and war cry.

Ending with the traditional Hongi (touching of noses and foreheads) between the two communities and two NRL players from each team, the flash ’mob’ grabbed plenty of attention offline and online.

Jeremy Nikora, who was one of the Maori leaders performing the stunt, posted the video and generated 214,000 views, 3,900 reactions, 366 comments and over 4,000 shares from his personal Facebook page alone.

“We’re really priviliged [sic] to share this journey with so many strong Indigenous workers and leaders who are coming together to show unity and strength in spite of the challenges they still face.”

– Jeremy Nikora

The video, much like the game it promoted, was more than entertainment. It brought the First Nation’s cultures to the forefront to celebrate the strength, unity and importance of their communities.

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