Since Snapchat led the stories function (read:craze) a few years ago, most other social platforms have followed suit.  Now Twitter has finally caught up. While it hasn’t gone ‘full stories’ like Instagram or Snapchat they have rolled out a new camera tool which allows users to capture stories-like vertical images. With the ability to add overlays and searchable elements, there’s no doubt it’s only a matter of time before they incorporate more visual content options in the future.

Same Same but different

Twitter is apparently not planning on adding a dedicated section for the images (like a stories bar along the top of the screen) however, content created via the new camera can be displayed in the ‘What’s Happening’ section in the Explore tab when related to events.

The idea is to add more ways to participate and capture ‘in the moment’ events. It also further aligns with the move towards visual storytelling (which is a no brainer), considering that even LinkedIn are looking to tap into the Stories trend. Professional stories of all those conferences, meetings and con calls right?

The addition will add to Twitter’s ability to be the place to go for breaking news and trending events. Whilst you’ve always been able to capture images or video through the app, the new tools will add an extra dimension. In addition, the capacity to be included within event listings will appeal to brands looking to maximize their exposure in trending happenings.

It’s not a major update functionally, but it is a major update for how tweets are displayed, and another sign that Twitter is slowly trying to align with evolving usage trends.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Visual-led communications are key – think beyond the text
  2. Invest in all scales of video and motion – doesn’t have to be movie quality
  3. All your customers continue to grow as publishers – know their experience and be open to feedback

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Clare Moyna

Clare Moyna

Content and Social Strategist at Redengine SCC

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