So, what are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads have been around for a few years but largely remained underused by brands and advertisers.

Traditionally in a lead generation campaign, a potential lead would click on an ad, visit your website, browse around… and then possibly submit a contact form.

But with Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads, you skip all that and immediately submit your contact information without leaving the Facebook App.

Facebook Lead Ads are essentially just promoted forms. When someone clicks on a Lead Ad in the newsfeed, they’ll be prompted to fill in a short ‘Instant Form’ to send you their contact info. Easy right?

But, the key to success like all forms of social advertising is to ensure the ad creative is engaging and thumb stopping enough to entice click though.


So why use Facebook Lead Generation rather than the many other ad formats?

  1. They’re made for mobile
    Typing in and double checking email addresses and phone numbers can be a real pain, especially on your phone. Facebook lead forms auto-populate your info from your Facebook profile directly into the lead form. Meaning the form can be filled and submitted in 2 easy taps – the dream!
  2. Poor performing websites (e.g. slow or unsecured)
    Do you notice your Facebook ads themselves seem to be performing OK, but you’re not seeing any conversions? If people are clicking through to your website but not converting, then Facebook Lead Ads may be worth testing as you don’t need to leave the Facebook app to complete the lead form.
  3. Highly targeted lead acquisition
    Facebook Lead Ads are a great way of getting the right leads, since the ads show a clear proposition and get in front of your target audience. Facebook’s algorithm also helps you find the right prospects by targeting users who have expressed interest in products similar to what you’re offering. This results in higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert. You can also choose which questions to ask in your Instant Form so that it’s tailored to your business and objectives.
  4. Cost effective
    We’ve seen here in Redengine SCC that Facebook Lead Ads have the lowest cost per lead compared to any other social channel. (I’m talking about you LinkedIn¯_(ツ)_/¯).

But don’t just think Facebook Leads Ads are only for B2B advertisers or traditional lead generation campaigns.

The Facebook Lead Ad form can easily be ‘hacked’ for other objectives.

Here are 3 other uses:

  1. Product sampling
    We’ve had great success in using Lead Ad forms for our client Drinkworks to sample a new cider brand in Australia – Orchard Thieves. We simply set up the ‘instant form’, asked people to fill in their details and then when we had collected enough leads we set about dropping some free delicious Orchard Thieves cider to their door in time for arvo drinks!  This has proved to be a very cost effective way to sample to our target audience (and retarget our pool of new leads).

Orchard Thieves lead Ad

  1. Contests and giveaways
    The Lead Ad form can be also used to facilitate competitions on Facebook and Instagram. Rather than having to create a dedicated website or landing page or sifting through hundreds of comments to pick a winner on a competition post, you can simply run your instant form and once the competition wraps up, download an excel sheet of all the entries (leads!) and pick a winner. Best of all, you can retarget your new leads with a follow up offer or piece of content.
  2. Market research
    You can easily get intel on what your customers want by running quiz’s and questionnaires in the instant form. Check out how prominent Facebook marketer Jon Loomer used the lead form to run a quiz and in turn pick up thousands of leads in the process.

Convinced yet?
Facebook Lead Ads are a phenomenal way to get people to sign up for your service, newsletter, or anything else you may be offering. Not only are they user-friendly for your prospects, they are also very cost-effective for advertisers and marketers alike. However the only way to ultimately know if they work for you or your client is to give them a shot!

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Clare Moyna

Clare Moyna

Content and Social Strategist at Redengine SCC

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