Carnival Cruise Line Australia

Social strategy, content creation, paid media strategy, video production, community management, analytics & reporting.


The Task

To drive awareness of the brand as a fun, desirable holiday experience and increase consideration amongst new to cruisers (families and older couples) and increase bookings of repeat cruisers from 15-20%. We had to get Carnival Cruise Lines on the radar of Australian holidaymakers who had low awareness of the brand but were in the same travel vertical (Fiji, Bali, Gold Coast) and also remind existing cruisers of why Carnival is destination FUN!



The Work

Red Engine worked collaboratively with our client partner to develop a content framework that spoke to both our target audiences with a strong focus on creating awareness (80% distribution) amongst the new to cruise audience and sequentially target them with content which spoke to them at each phase of the booking cycle (dreaming, planning and booking).

We revamped social content formats and assets and placed them under the fun ruler, that is if a piece of content doesn’t match our ‘fun’ criteria it doesn’t go out. We also introduced formats designed to grab attention in cluttered newsfeeds, delivered brand recall and increased ‘fun’ associations with the brand.

The campaign kicked off in January with the ‘Find Your Fun Self’ campaign which consisted of a range of assets tailored towards audience targets at each stage of the holiday booking life cycle.


Brand Awareness

Increasing awareness within the ‘new to cruise’ category & encouraging ‘cruisers’ to make the switch to Carnival

A series of talking towel animals bring to life the fun persona of the Carnival brand.




Celebrating the Carnival Experience

It’s not just about the cruise ‘destination’ – the FUN starts the moment you step onboard. Vertical video increases our screen real estate, disrupts our audience’s newsfeeds and grabs their attention quickly.




Providing the Unexpected Perspectives

Behind the scenes footage, shot onboard a Carnival cruise, allowed our Instagram community a virtual sampling or “eye-view” of the Carnival cruise experience.




Retail Messaging

Celebrating the Carnival Experience

Driving conversions of Facebook traffic to online sales by shifting away from standardised retail messaging to excite and engage our audience. This saw a 35% uplift in sales between  Dec 16 and Feb 17 compared to the same period the previous year.



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