Carnival Cruise Line Australia

Treat Yourself

One of the biggest opportunities for Carnival Cruise Line Australia was that Australians were booking long weekend or short-term breaks, rather than the standard two-week holiday. With Carnival offering shorter itineraries (5 days or less), this felt like a natural opportunity for the brand to push a new message to potential holidaymakers.

With Carnival’s proposition being based around being the #1 brand for holiday fun, the opportunity for the brand was to showcase how you could pack as much fun in bite size cruises as you can in long ones– hence the concept “Fun Size Cruises” was born.

We developed a social content approach that was born off the core insight that Fun Size Cruises are like a fun size chocolate bar box – lots of different varieties for you to sample from. Creatively, this is how the campaign was packaged with each itinerary being replicated in the form of a tiny chocolate bar variant.

The campaign implemented a best in class, full funnel, social media marketing approach, creating content for every stage of the booking user journey. Using hero videos to drive mass awareness, destination canvas ads for users who have shown interest in similar destinations or completed views of the hero video, carousel ad formats to drive deeper engagement and enhance consideration and static assets (served to users who had shown signs of intent) to drive conversions.