Pre game Story content

All we're saying is, you should definitely open Snapchat tomorrow! #AFLGF #NothingBeatsGatorade

Posted by Gatorade Australia on Thursday, 29 September 2016
Gatorade Ambassador Gary Ablett JR
& Norm Smith medal winner Jason Johannisen

Social Content & Community Management

Gatorade wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the AFL and the buzz of the Grand Final weekend to build awareness and relevance with their teen audience.

The Work

A custom Snapchat Lens (The famous Gatorade dunk) delivered high reach and scale by allowing those who couldn’t attend the game to be part of the celebrations. Additionally, our real time publishing and on-field teams captured the action from the pre game events, the match itself and a host of AFL stars using the lens

This content highlighted the brand’s role in fuelling athlete performance and was rolled out across Facebook, Instagram and stories for maximum awareness.

The Results

We delivered the game’s most powerful moments as they happened to over 3 million fans. Our Snapchat Lens reached over 2 million people and achieved a 63% play rate! #Winning