Haters will say it’s fake.

Posted by Mountain Dew Australia on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It doesn't exist until you do it. We gave these Free Running legends from Crew42 a taste of Drone Hunting before we bring it to Australia. #DronehuntingGo Drone Hunting at EB Expo this weekend in Sydney. For tickets and info visit www.ebexpo.com.au/tickets.html

Posted by Mountain Dew Australia on Sunday, 25 September 2016
Mountain Dew

Social Content & Community Management

The Task

Deliver the social strategy, content creation and amplification for Mountain Dew’s quirky audience of teens aged 13-24. This audience is into gaming, extreme sports and have their finger on the pulse of the latest social buzz topics. They’re also extremely savvy and quick to call out a brand if they are seen to be trying too hard or creating content that doesn’t resonate with them.

The Work

We look at the niche topics our audience are talking about on social to create on-topic content pieces that utilise the latest formats and allow us to join the conversation. Visually, all assets deliver the key hook within the first three seconds, utilise global gaming assets where relevant, and feature strong branding elements. We aim to deliver content that adds value to our unique community which in turn drives increased engagement.

Red Engine also implemented a fewer, bigger, better approach to content distribution to ensure greater reach amongst our target audience and to increase frequency.

The Results

  • 373% rise in organic reach. Suggesting our audience share content for social kudos amongst their own network
  • 363% increase in social actions – average of 300k per month
  • Drone Hunting local influencer video delivered 350k views and reached 800k
  • The Djent Guitar post delivered a 1.47M Reach, 585K paid, 886K organic with a $1500 spend
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