Orchard Thieves

who's the fox?

Tasked with driving awareness of Drinkworks’ premium yet affordable range of cider, Orchard Thieves, with millennials, and to drive home the unique attitude of the brand’s mascot, the fox, we developed the ‘Who’s The Fox?’ social media campaign.

We introduced ‘The Fox’ with attention-grabbing content pieces and engaged the target audience by enlisting a suite of relatable scenarios to showcase the different fox personalities, to demonstrate that there’s a little fox in all of us and to position the brand as the first drink of choice to kick start any social occasion.

We delivered a continuous presence across social and digital media to reach the millennial target audience. The content really resonated with many tagging and sharing with their friends.

The social campaign results:

  • 19 Million Reach (19,046,413 accumulated reach)
  • 31 Million Impressions (31,009,425 impressions)
  • 1,300,506 – Post Engagements (includes video views)

Further relevance and reach was achieved by partnering with Pedestrian TV that helped audiences to find the best spots for outdoor drinks in Australia, along with an interactive quiz that invited people to find out which fox personality they related to the most.