Princess Cruise

Social Assets

In 2019, Red Engine SCC added a second cruise brand to its portfolio, the aptly named Princess Cruises.

In contrast to Carnival Cruise’s emphasis on colour, family and fun, Princess is a more upmarket brand with an international, gourmet feel. That meant clean photography, lots of white, lots of beautiful foreign locations, and of course delicious looking food.

The challenge of putting those locations into a social setting is a common one; gaining attention in a world flooded with photography. How would we create inspiration and intrigue with our content?

The answer was simple: Discover differently.

For each headline, we’d reveal a hidden word that elevated each experience. For each photo, we’d create a small world, a diorama of the experience that transformed each destination or feature into a modern postcard.

Each element helped our audience discover the Princess experience in a unique way. Through retargeting, we take audiences on a voyage of their own, making clicking through to purchase considered, but simple.