Logotype (Textured)

Opening Sting (4/5sec)

Logo Signature

Long headline

Speaker super

Graphic Assets

Opening video

Square Format 1:1

Name & Title Supers

1 Line & 2 Line options

*Video Footage is a placeholder.

*Video Footage is a placeholder.

Long Headline

Overlay graphic for long text statements

Large Text Field & Quote

Overlay graphic for long text statements & quotes. includes a name & Title entry at the bottom & can span multiple pages

Closer Animation

Animation to play out the end of the program

*Video Footage is a placeholder.

Social Media Example Graphics

Used in video to show content & Images posted in Facebook

Used to show example of Images & posts from Facebook.
Template available to showcase Square, Wide & Tall formats.

Used to display comments in reaction to a Facebook post. Available in an Example showing 1, 2 & 3 comments.

Unpacked Opener – Music Options

Composed track with full usage

Unpacked Sting – Original

Unpacked Sting – String Riff with Extras

Unpacked Sting – Piano Riff version